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Founders Story - Meet Will

Founders Story - Meet Will

I'm Will, an entrepreneur driven by my quest for the perfect shave. Fed up with the poor quality shaves offered by modern razors, I decided to dig deeper and uncover the secrets of traditional grooming. My research led me to discover the world of single blade razors, renowned for their high quality shaves, precision and craftsmanship.

In 2016, I took a bold step and launched a business selling some of the world's finest shaving brands. We hired our first commercial unit in Leeds, UK, and set to work, sourcing and supplying premium shaving products to enthusiasts across the world. In 2017 I sold the business to an American investor and decided to launch my own brand, Barbarossa Brothers.

Handcrafted Shaving Products

Inspired by the fearless pirates of old, the brand represents my relentless pursuit of the finest treasures in life. I wanted men to experience the luxury of a perfect shave, accompanied by the satisfaction of using tools steeped in tradition and unmatched in their craftsmanship. I handpicked the best manufacturers for single blade razors, shaving brushes, and grooming accessories. I then designed a range that reflected our pirate inspiration and brought traditional shaving into the modern century.

We built relationships with shaving enthusiasts, barbers and stores across the world. We're proud to be stocked in small barber shops and global retailers like Urban Outfitters. Like our pirate forefathers, we've travelled the globe and are now stocked across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia. 

The Crew

We've been voted "Best Razors" and "Best Clippers" by The Independent and rated "Excellent" by 1,000+ customers with a "Worldclass" NPS score ★★★★★ (

The Independent

I like to think that Barbarossa Brothers has become synonymous with top-tier quality, defying the mass-produced alternatives that flooded the market. Our dedication to craftsmanship and authenticity has remained unwavering. We've invested in developing exceptional ranges like the Hunter Collection of straight razors, produced entirely in the UK, using traditional techniques and the finest materials. 

Hunter Collection Straight Razors

Today, Barbarossa Brothers stands as a testament to entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering pursuit of perfection. It's a brand that reminds men everywhere that taking pride in one's appearance is a journey worth undertaking. As long as there are men who appreciate the art of self-care, Barbarossa Brothers will continue to represent the quest for the finest treasures in life.

Join us in this pursuit, and experience grooming excellence like never before.

And if you want to chat, or get recommendations on the best products, drop me an email:

Will 🏴‍☠️

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