The 1470 Olive Wood Wood Straight Razor 5/8"


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Our 1470 collection marks the birth of our forefathers, the Barbarossa Brothers, and pays tribute to the bravery of sailors gone by. Hand forged in Solingen, Germany, by master craftsmen, these stunning straight razors combine premium materials with the finest craftsmanship. 

Combining a carbon steel blade with olivewood scales, the 5/8"straight razor is adorned with the Barbarossa Brothers logo etched into a 24kt gold wash.


  • Barbarossa Brothers Straight Razor
  • 5/8" Carbon Steel Blade
  • Olivewood Scales
  • The razors are pre honed and arrive shave ready
  • 1 year warranty*

Please note our warranty covers any defective faults with the materials. We cannot be held responsible for rusting or damage caused by incorrect storage.