Cyber Monday The Buccaneer Cut Throat Razor - Wooden - Grey with Silver Blade Holder


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The Buccaneer cut throat razor combines the style of a classic straight razor with the ease of disposable blades, providing you with a super close shave with less ongoing maintenance.

Rediscover this traditional way of shaving and say goodbye to expensive blades, poor quality shaves and single-use plastic.

The Buccaneer handle is constructed from thin layers of wood which are fused together by hand to create a super strong material which is then varnished to ensure it’s 100% waterproof and corrosion free. Due to the natural process, each razor has a different grain and variations of colour running throughout, making every piece unique.

The blade holder is made from stainless steel and is designed to take single edge or double edge blades, which can be snapped in half to provide two blades.

How to add blades

Simply pop open the blade holder cover, move the blade holder apart, insert your blade and snap shut.

Customise to your specification, The Buccaneer is available in Brown, Grey and Green with a silver or matt black blade holder. Each razor arrives with our ‘skull adjuster’ simply tighten or loosen to find your ideal resistance.

The benefits of single blade shaving

  • Achieve a ‘barber close’ shave with less irritation than multi-blade razors which often cut below the skin and cause shave bumps, ingrown hairs and shaving rash 
  • Better for the planet - our razors are made from natural materials and use metal blades which can be recycled
  • Cheaper to run - a pack of blades will last around 50 shaves and cost a fraction of modern multi-blades

Available in Brown, Grey and Green.

Please note, blades aren't included with this razor. The razor takes double edge safety razor blades as seen here. Simply snap the blade in half and insert into the blade holder.


  • Barber Razor Razor with wooden scales by Barbarossa Brothers
  • Stainless steel blade holder
  • Measurements; Closed: 150mm x 25mm, Open: 220mm x 20mm

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