The P1R8 Double Edge Safety Razor Set with Brush, Cream & Blades


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Few razors come as well crafted as the P1R8, designed with style and simplicity at the heart and premium materials at the core. Simply twist the end of the razor to open the head, add your blade and you are good to shave. 

The Stand:

Turned from solid stainless steel, this robust stand helps store and protect your P1R8 for years to come. Ideal for storing between shaves, the metal razor stand helps protect your razor from damage whilst showcasing your single blade razor in all it’s glory. The rust-proof stainless steel is designed to last the test of time and provides plenty of weight to ensure safe protection of your razor.

The Brush: 

We are discontinuing badger brushes due to the nature the animals are killed for their hairs. We've developed an alternative which replicated the softness of silvertip badger hair yet lasts longer with low maintenance and durability.  It arrives in a black presentation box with a matching resin drip stand which helps dry and protect the brush.

The Cream:

Containing a blend of essential oils including Lime and Black Pepper, this refreshing shaving cream provides a fresh menthol explosion with a rich, woody undertone. Shea & Cocoa Butter helps moisturise the skin, reducing irritation and razor burn.

The Blades: 

We haven't compromised on quality here, offering you 10 of the finest blades. Feather Traditional Double Edge blades are manufactured in Japan and produced from the highest quality stainless steel. To ensure extra durability and smooth shaving each blade has a platinum alloy & resin coating.


  • Double edge stainless steel razor & stand (P1R8-B-SET)
  • Arrives with synthetic brush (SYNT-1), cream (CREA-4) and blades (FEAT-10)
  • Size L 113mm x W 42mm x H 25mm
  • Arrives in black presentation box, you can also upgrade to a hamper
  • Weight 150g