Join the crew

"Men Wanted
For hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success."


So wrote Ernest Shackleton...
In a small ad in The Times, 1901.
His goal?
To recruit men of steel for his expedition to the South Pole, aboard the aptly-named Endurance.
At Barbarossa Brothers...
Joining our crew requires a similar girding of the loins.
In fact, your experience on our email list will be remarkably Shackleton-like...
Only more cut-throat..
And with no honour or recognition to speak of.
Because unlike Britannia boy-scout Shackleton...
We are, quite frankly, vile and villainous...
With no other motives than the glorious lining of our own pockets.
The ying to Shackleton's yang, if you will.
So consider yourself warned.
And as for the "small wages"...
You ain't getting a guinea on this trip, Bucko.
But to warm your greedy little heart before hell freezes over..
We'll send you a small, zesty treasure from the New World.
But don't go gettin' your hopes up.
We might do bribes, but we ain't a charity.
For members of the crew only.
So if you're foolish or fearless enough...
And think you've got what it takes..
Sign away your soul and get your ancient gift by entering your email address below.

See you shipside.

Yours Verily,
The Barbarossa Brothers