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Cut Throat Razors


    Cut throat razors provide the closest shave possible and are also great for shaping beards for a freshly groomed look. Cut throat razors offer the style of a fixed blade straight razor with the ease of disposable blades, removing the need to sharpen your razor.

    Our cut throat razors combine stainless steel blade holders with handcrafted handles made from premium materials like teak wood and buffalo horn. Each razor features our unique resistance adjuster and you can choose to add a custom designed case. 

    Our collections include The Jolly Roger (stainless steel and gold plated razors), The Buccaneer (wooden), The Cutlass (buffalo horn & buffalo bone), The Kamisori (available with fixed handles and wide blades) and limited editions cut throat razors that are only available for a limited time.

    If you're looking to learn how to master the craft of cut throat shaving, check out our cut throat razor guide.