He who lieth with dogs shall rise with fleas

He who lieth with dogs shall rise with fleas - Barbarossa Brothers
When we first heard the famous Jim Rohn quote:
"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with".
We thought, "Yeah, yeah. Riiiight."
But over the years..
It's been scary how true it’s proven to be.
When we were younger, we spent a lot of time huffin' and puffin' on fishing boats.
And after a year working for a captain we particularly admired...
We’d catch each other becoming more like the Cap’n.
His mannerisms....
His jokes...
We even began to take on the the inflection of his voice
It wasn't conscious on our part.
Which is why it was so scary.
And while this worked in our favour because we'd've readily worn the Captain's boots…
The "Jim Rohn" effect is a sword that cuts both ways:
Gamers will get you wasting time playing more games.
The perennially broke will infect you with bad financial habits.
And sour-grape types who rationalize their own failures will subtly try to convince you to stop trying, as your own success makes them look bad.
The point?
Be very careful who you let join your crew.
As the old proverb says,
"He who lieth with dogs shall arise with fleas.
Someone we’d have on our crew any day of the week is Benjamin Huntsman, who pioneered the use of crucible steel in 18th century Europe.
His steel was so good, his competitors refused to use it...
And got it banned in UK markets.
Undeterred, Huntsman started exporting it to the continent...
And when the Huntsman-steel blades sold back to us by the Europeans were so clearly superior...
His competitors were forced to switch over to his crucible steel just to stay in business.
Our Hunter Collection of cut-throat razors is our homage to the man.
For the man who wants a piece of history in his hand:
You can choose your Hunter blade - Carbon Steel, Sanmai, or Damascus - by heading here.
Yours Verily,
The Barbarossa Brothers

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