Scared money never wins

Scared money never wins - Barbarossa Brothers

There’s a saying amongst traders and financial types:

“Scared money never wins”.

The meaning?

If you’re too hesitant to make decisions…

And too afraid of loss…

You’re not gonna make many shekels.

Whether that’s true or not, you’d have to ask the Berkshire Hathaway fat cats.

All we know is that it’s uncannily true for cut-throat shaving.

Case in point:

Recently, a guy came to us and asked…

“I’m worried about cutting myself. Why would I buy your products?”

We blinked.

And looked at him for a sec.

Then, realizing he was serious…

We pointed out that he’d answered his own question.

Why would he buy our razors, Bucko?

Our advice?

He should scurry back to the cartridge razor cesspit from whence he came.

If you want to learn how to fight…

You’re gonna have to take a few punches.

If you want to make money…

You’re gonna have to take a few failures on the chin.

And if you want the smoothest shave known to pirate-kind?

You’re gonna have to accept a few nicks as part of the learning process.

How do I start, you ask?


With something like the Cutlass shaving set.

You’ll get the full wet shaving kit - brush, blades, cream and stand…

Plus the mighty “Cutlass” - a cut-throat razor with buffalo horn scales, that uses disposable metal blades instead of a blade you have to strop, meaning all you need to focus on is honing that technique of yours.

And with blades costing 40p a pop…

Ain’t too bad on the wallet either, Bucko.

Yours Verily,

The Barbarossa Brothers


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