Advice if you're lost at sea

Advice if you're lost at sea - Barbarossa Brothers

Here's something that caught our eye through the spy-glass:

Ghost ships.

Not fictional ones. Real ones.

Ships that sail the sea.. found with nobody on board.


And it turns out the last "ghost ship" recorded was in 2021, when the Yong Yu Sing, a Taiwanese fishing boat, was found adrift with none of her 10 crew aboard.

You can imagine how stuff like this back in the day quickly became legend.

Ships at full sail, with not a soul on board.

In the Yong Yu Sing's case, it was concluded that the men were sadly lost to a storm.

Why did we think this apt to bring up?

Well, eerily similar to ghost ships...

Many men are drifting through life, soul-less, a shell of their could-be self.


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