The bumbling Boris chicken is coming home to roost

The bumbling Boris chicken is coming home to roost - Barbarossa Brothers

Well, well, well...

Boris finally succumbed to political reality.

Hardly surprises us, of course.

The chicken always comes home to roost.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Or in Boris' case:

Live the clown, die the clown.

A secret that leaders of old have always known:

Human beings since the dawn of time have been pattern recognition machines. And they will always form the whole from seeing a part.

Which is why for centuries, leaders have carefully managed their image and their reputation.

Because unlike Joe Schmoe....

Who's worried about what Sally will think if he wears a green tie instead of a blue tie...

At the highest echelons of power.. image matters, and dictates how much other men (and women) are able to push you without being punished for it.

It's why the Spartans polished their shields to a terrifying gleam.

It's why former Navy Seal Jocko Willink chose not to get too pally with his men when he first took command.

And it's why Maggie Thatcher worked to lower her voice an octave.

When you lead, you will be judged.

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