The secret signals your chica, car & clothes are sending

The secret signals your chica, car & clothes are sending - Barbarossa Brothers

Today I wanted to talk about a symbol.

A symbol feared by powers-that-be the world over.

A symbol so vile and villainous...

...that merely spotting it on the horizon would be enough to make you change course.

What are we speaking about?

The flag of the pirates:

The Jolly Rodger.

To understand the symbol, you have to understand the times:

Piracy was a crime punished by death, usually, by hanging with a short rope - to prevent the neck from breaking, and to prolong the pain.

So to fly the Jolly Rodger was openly declaring yourself to be an enemy of law and order.

Only a man who spat at the fear of execution would fly it.

In effect, saying to his enemies:

"Expect no quarter here."

In other words... to send out a signal.

Because if you've already won the war in your enemies head...

You don't need to waste your bullets in battle.

And just like how pirates used the Jolly Rodger as a signal...

Men today, whether they like it, know it or not, are doing the same thing.

The clothes they wear. The car they drive. Their partner in crime.

Everything sends a signal.

And choosing not to send a signal, is in itself, a signal.

So the choice is not whether to signal or not...

The choice is simply what you want those signals to say.

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