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The P1R8 Double Edge Safety Razor in Matt Black - Butterly Single Blade Shaving Razor


Few razors come as well crafted as the P1R8, designed with style and simplicity at the heart and premium materials at the core. Simply twist the end of the razor to open the head, add your blade and you are good to shave. 

Available in matt black or matt chrome, the razor is available with our universal stainless steel razor stand.


  • Double edge razor 
  • Butterfly design allowing you to rotate the base of then handle to open the head and load the blade
  • Material: Brass 
  • Available with matching stand
  • Arrives with 10 x Feather double edge blades
  • Size L 113mm x W 42mm x H 25mm
  • Arrives in black presentation box with 10 x Feather double edge blades
  • Weight 86g