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Short Japanese Kamisori Cut Throat Razor in Matt Black (Compatible with Safety Razor Blades)

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Inspired by the centuries old Kamisori razor, this Japanese style razor blends the simplicity of a straight razor with the ease of disposable safety razor blades. Favoured by barbers and shaving enthusiasts in the know, this cut throat razor is great for styling and shaping without the obstruction of a handle.

Changing blades is the most efficient out of any of our razors. Simply squeeze the head of the blade and insert your blade, release and the blade is held firm. Once dull or after a professional use, simply squeeze and dispose.

What blades does this take?

This model takes traditional double edge or single edge blades  

  • Japanese Kamisori Cut Throat Straight Razor
  • Available in matt black and polished silver
  • Takes double edge 
  • Super soft sustainable artificial leather case