FAQs - Wet Shaving

  • Why use a single blade razor?

Single blade razors provide a close, comfortable shave. The blades are inexpensive to buy and last at least twice as long, due to being better quality and double sided.

  • Do single blade razors cause less irritation?

A lot of research suggests that single blade razors cause less irritation. This is because the blade cuts the hair evenly, on first contact, preventing drag caused by multiple blades. Irritation can also be caused by poor preparation so make sure you use a quality shaving cream to help lubricate the skin.

  • Do single blade razors work better?

In our opinion, and for many shaving enthusiasts, yes! Especially for those with sensitive skin. 

  • Do one blade razors work

One blade razors have been used for generations, your grandad and his grandad probably used one too. They are simple and effective with thousands of positive reviews from people who moved to this traditional way of shaving. Big brands are even starting to sell one blade razors again, however they take unique blades which are harder to find and are more expensive.

  • How to use a single blade razor

It will depend on your type of single blade razor, follow this guide to master the DE Safety Razor, Shavette Razor, Straight Razor. 

  • How long do single blade razors last?

A typical blade will last you between 5 and 10 shaves. If you shave every day then a pack of blades will last you around 2 months. Remember, you can use both sides of the blade for shavettes and safety razors! If you go for a straight razor then you will be able to shave without buying blades again, you will just need to maintain the razor by stropping and honing.

  • How do you clean a single blade razor

For shavettes and safety razors, you simply need to rinse the razor after shaving to remove soap and hair then store. With a straight razor, you will need to clean then dry thoroughly, removing all moisture. It helps avoid rust or corrosion by applying a drop or two of oil then you will need to store in a dry place, away from the bathroom. 

  • How to replace a single blade razor

For our 3 piece safety razors, simply screw off the head from the handle, remove the top of the razor head and replace your blade. With shavettes, simply pop open the blade holder and enter your new blade aligned with the jibs.

  • Where to buy single razor blades

Unless you live near a specialist shaving shop, the best place to buy single blade razors is online and there are a variety of websites, including ours, that sell individual packs or in bulk.

  • Where can I buy single blade razors

Again, most retailers exist online and a simple internet search will reveal hundreds of websites selling single blade razors. However most don't offer a 2 year guarantee like us!