How to load your cut throat razor

How to load your cut throat razor - Barbarossa Brothers

Cut throat razors provide the style of a straight razor, with the ease of disposable blades, perfect for the man on the go and barbers across the world.

If you are just getting into it, one of the first challenges you will face will be determining how the hell you get the blade into the razor. You won't believe the amount enquiries we get saying that their shavette razors are blunt!

We’ve got you covered with these 5 easy steps;

Open a Shavette Razor

(1) Open the blade holder cover


How to open a shavette razor 2

(2) Separate the two halves of the blade holder by pulling apart and sliding in opposite directions


Shavette Razor Split Blade

(3) Snap your safety razor in two, whilst in the protective packaging


How to add a blade to a shavette 

(4) Slide one half of the blade under the metal guide pins. Store the other half in a safe place, ready for the next blade change.

 Shavette Cut Throat With Blade

(5) Hold the razor blade against the metal guide pin whilst pulling the second half of the blade holder over to align with the pins. Once in place, snap the blade holder cover shut to hold everything together.