The only Barbarossa-Endorsed Cryptocoin

The only Barbarossa-Endorsed Cryptocoin - Barbarossa Brothers
Picture it:

One day, you buy a machine off Ebay that lets you 3D print your own currency.

You design the coin…

And print, say, 1,000,000 toffee-coloured pennies.

For obvious reasons, you call your new currency, "BUCKOCOIN."



Then, you write an article in the Press & Scabbard telling everyone to invest in BUCKOCOIN because in 10 days time, it's going to the moon, baby.

Struggling with the housing market? Can't make ends meet? Nervous about your financial future?
Don't worry.
All your problems will be solved by investing in BUCKOCOIN!

With no reason to doubt your sterling reputation…

Your friends, your family, and strangers all chip in for some BUCKOCOIN…

And the price soars 100x.

Congratulations, Bucko.

It worked.

So what do you do now?

Well, if you're of a certain piratical persuasion…

While everyone's dreaming of riding the BUCKOCOIN wave, you sell 80% of the BUCKOCOIN you've kept hidden for just this moment.


You exit with millions of King Charlie's legal tender..

The price plummets…

And everyone else - the suckaz - are left holding the bag.

I.e the classic rug pull.

Believe it or not, Bucko, schemes like this - so-called 'memecoins' - are what MILLIONS of people are drooling over as we speak, with $$$ signs in their eyes.

A couple of months back, a meme coin "PEPE" went to the moon (and back), with some guy turning $250 into $3,000,000 smackers. (PEPE got a market cap of over $1 B-I-L-L-I-O-N in less than a week ).


With riches like this to be made…

Everyone and their pet squirrels are slevering over their crypto wallets.

And yes, a few will get rich quick.

But most will get poor even quicker.

As for our salty take on it all?

Call us a pair of crusty old sea-dogs, but we think there's value in getting rich the old-fashioned way.

Turning $250 into $3 mil via a memecoin?

That's like getting a six-pack via drinking an Arnold Schwarzenegger polyjuice potion.

Sure, you look good.

But at the end of the day, you're still your broke, fat self underneath, with zero of the virtues you would've built getting there yourself.

Outside of Crypto-Bithia…

Building wealth requires effort.

Exactly like it should do.

Which is just like the art closest to our hearts:

Cut-throat shaving.

If you could cheat your way to a cut-throat shave, no-one would want one.

But you can't.

And that's why we're in the cut-throat shave business…

And not in the NissanTurboNimbus2000Mach4UltraGlide business.

If you care to join us…

Go here:

Yours Verily,

The Barbarossa Brothers

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