The Spartan’s most sacred possession

The Spartan’s most sacred possession - Barbarossa Brothers

In Ancient Greece…

The Spartans were the most respected and feared military force.



Aside from Athens…

They were the only Greek state with a standing army.

So while everyone else fought with sloppy part-timers…

The Spartans were professional soldiers, who’d been moulded into fighting machines since entering the Agoge at age 7.

You would think, then…

Being soldiers through and through…

The Spartan’s most prized possession would be his hoplite sword, or even his spear.

But actually?

His shield was most sacred.


Because by raising it, he could protect the Spartan next to him…

And form the ultra-tight phalanx that not even a million Persians could break.

Because the shield’s were made of thick bronze..

They survived battle after battle….

And were passed down in the family for generations.

Imagine it…

How meaningful it’d be…

Marching into war with your great-great grandfather’s shield.

And while we’re not marching off to battle the Argives…

We are fighting with cutlass and cannon the Kraken-like multinationals, who spread their cartridge razor filth across our precious seas.

Our version of the Spartan shield?

Sign away your soul to find out.

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