Why “Hollywood hair” is risky bizness

Why “Hollywood hair” is risky bizness - Barbarossa Brothers
30th of October, 1974.
Muhammad Ali is taking on the mighty George Foreman in the “Rumble in the Jungle” -  set to be the most famous boxing match in history.
1 billion people are watching on TV.
Going in…
Ali’s coming off a 3 year break…
So Foreman’s the strong 4-1 favourite.
He’s only 25 and thus younger and faster than 32-year old Ali. He’s also stronger (Foreman hit the heavy-bag so hard Ali couldn’t even watch) and, crucially… ANGRIER. 
Ya see…
George grew up in a very poor family. So poor, in fact, that he went to school with an inflated paper food bag to disguise the fact that he couldn’t afford any lunch. Of course, the other kids
found out, and teased him endlessly for it.
George became a very angry man.
Something that served him very well for most of his career in the ring. That was, until he fought Ali.
You see, Ali had a very particular strategy up his sleeve. 
He called it, “rope-a-dope”: 
Let Foreman take him to the ropes, lean back, let him swing as wildly as he likes, block & absorb the punishment, and tire the beast out. Plus, whenever possible, lean on his head to sap his strength.
What happens next is the stuff of legend:
Round 4…
After an onslaught of Foreman punches…
Ali strings together a combo which wobbles the big guy.
Everyone in the crowd knew:
Ali’s gonna win this fight.
(Which he did). 
Perhaps the most interesting lesson of the bout?
That strength can become a weakness.
Which brings us to the topic of today’s email:
“Hollywood hair.”
See, many a man, if asked, might like to have flowing Prince Charming locks, the type that grace the cover of “Men’s Health”, the type that (supposedly) makes the ladies “swoon”. 
But, like Foreman’s anger…
Hollywood hair can become a weakness, too.
(And to be honest, more often times than not IS). 
Because what was once a quick rinse & wash, “quick back n sides”, now becomes an oh-so-fancy hair routine that’d put Rapunzel to shame.
Now, hair-thoughts plague you:
“Is it just so?”
“Is it “springy” enough?”
Obviously, a man who shaves his head has none of these problems. And thus, he’s a man who’s much harder to distract from his mission. Perhaps that’s why buzzed heads have been favoured by military men and monastics for eons. 
To take your pigtails off their pedestal…
All you need to do is hit is purchase our SmoothKing Head Shaver
Yours Verily,
The Barbarossa Brothers

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