How to use a cut throat razor

How to use a cut throat razor - Barbarossa Brothers

Don’t be scared by its fearsome name, anyone can use a cut throat razor if you can spare a little patience and perseverance. If you conquer the craft, you will receive a lifetime of superior shaves.

How to shave with a cut throat razor

Don't be scared comrade 

Why use a cut throat?

As modern day pira-sexuals, we aren’t ashamed to admit we like a bit of ‘me time’ in the gallows and at Barbarossa Brothers we find our sanctuary in the art that is traditional shaving. A moment of peace and quiet in an ongoing and bloody battle if you like.

Our weapon of choice is the cut throat for the following reasons:

  • Does shaving get any more alpha pirate than shaving with an exposed blade?
  • It’s proven, they provide the closest of shaves!
  • Less irritation (you know the drill with disposables… itchy skin, ingrown hairs, destroys the environment etc etc)
  • Cost effective – if you use a Barber Razor, the blades last longer and are inexpensive. If you use a Straight Razor then you’ll never need to buy blades again!

Choose your tools

Prepare your razor of choice - they're available with a fixed blade, known as a straight razor, or with disposable blades, known as a barber razor or shavette. 

Most people use barber razors as they have the style of a straight with the ease of disposable blades. However if you really want to master the craft, the straight razor offers one of the closest shaves available. If you do go for a straight, invest in a decent quality one - avoid cheap and cheerful, your face will thank you!

Prepare for battle

A good time to shave is after exercise or a hot shower because the heat and water helps relax the skin and soften the hair. Take a tip from your barber and create the same effect by applying a hot towel to the face for a few seconds.

If you suffer from sensitive skin or ingrown hairs, you can mix this stage up and use cold water instead! A good shaving oil will also help soften and lift the hair whilst providing an extra layer of protection. 


How to Lather

Look smoulderingly into the mirror and say "I am a pirate"


Whip up a storm

Run your brush under warm water for around 30 seconds, squeeze off any excess water and begin to lather your soap or cream.

If you are using a soap, simply make contact with the hairs and move the brush in a circular motion, noticing the bubbles getting smaller as you whip up a thick lather. Apply the lather to your chops using the shaving brush in a firm, circular motion. If you're using a cream, you can also apply a fresh dollop directly to the face and use the brush to paint the shaving area.  


How to hold a cut throat razor

One can always trust a man with a well groomed beard


Hold your sword

There are many ways to hold a cut throat razor and you will need to find an approach that feels comfortable whilst giving you full control of the razor. 

A popular approach is to place the index and middle finger on the back of the blade holder and rest the remaining fingers against the handle. 

Shaving with the grain


Let battle commence

  • Survey the battlefield and plan your approach
  • As a beginner you will want to shave with the direction of the hair growth, conducting multiple passes if required to get a super smooth result
  • Hold your skin taut with your weaker hand and use your stronger hand to manage the strokes
  • Put the blade against your skin at a 30 degree angle and use the blade in the direction of your beard, in small strokes.
  • Let the razor do the work, just a bit of pressure will do the job!
  • After you gain some experience with your straight razor, you can try adding an across the grain and against the grain pass, moving your fingers around the face to keep it nice and tight.
  • Add a touch more water to your brush as you do the second or third pass to keep a strong lather

If you are using a straight razor, you will need to strop every time you shave as this keeps the edge keen. If you are using a barber razor simply pop in your blade.


Post Shave Come Down

You did it comrade, it is ok to be emotional...


Rinse & repeat

Wash the face and pat dry. Apply an aftershave to help close and disinfect the pores. If you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, use an alcohol free post shave lotion that will help moisturise and soften the skin, reducing irritation.

We hope you can now take on the cut throat razor and transform from scallywag to a fine buccaneer! 

If you are ready to take the next step, browse our range of Straight razors and Barber Razors. We also have premium shaving sets, providing everything you need for the ultimate shave.

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Photos shot using Barbarossa Brothers' products by Mr Balla


We'd like to thank our ambassadors involved in this shoot - Mr Balla and Paul Monschke. Check them out on instagram and support their journey; @mr.balla_son_of_man@paul_monschke