The Benefits of a Single Blade

The Benefits of a Single Blade - Barbarossa Brothers

Over the years, we've become accustomed to the idea that more blades are better when it comes to shaving, an opinion influenced by multi-million pound advertising campaigns with the latest celebrities and sports stars.

However if you ask any shaving enthusiast or barber, they will advise that a single blade razor is the best way to go for most shavers, especially those with sensitive skin.  

Ingrown hairs and shaving rash are the most common problems linked to multi-blade razors. Combine this with expensive blades and the detrimental impact on the environment and you start to question if there's a better way. 

So why have the world's largest shaving brands, who spend millions on R&D, created razors with multiple blades?

When Gillette's patent for their single blade razor ran out in the early 1900's, the market became saturated and profits diminished. In order to survive, brands had to differentiate. The number of blades increased year on year and 'exciting' new features were introduced, how about a vibrating razor Sir? 

Ottoman Razor

Which would you rather use? Left to right, 2-blade plastic disposable and our stainless steel, double edge razor.  

At Barbarossa Brothers, we stand defiant with the world's finest barbers - the single blade reigns superior. So why is this traditional way of shaving better we hear you ask? 

  • With the right technique, single blade razors provide a more comfortable shave with less irritation. A single blade razor moves across the skin at a gentle angle, cutting the hairs without tugging. A multi-blade razor can end up cutting the hair beneath the skin which is a cause of ingrown hairs and irritation.
  • Single blade razors are better for the planet. Billions of disposable plastic razors are thrown away every year, contributing a considerable amount to the pollution of our oceans and landfill. It doesn’t make sense to buy a product that needs to be thrown away every few days whilst providing a miserable shave.
  • Cheaper to run. You are looking at an investment of around £2-3 for a pack of 10 double edge razor blades. Each blade lasts around a week so a pack could cover you 2.5 months! That’s a steal compared to modern cartridge razors which will set you back the same price for 1 multi-blade cartridge. Across the year, presuming you are a frequent shaver, that’s a saving of around £120. Invest in a straight razors and you will never need to buy blades again!
  • They look the business. Yes we know us pirates shouldn’t give two hoots about vanity but hey, we are modern men. There’s a reason James Bond uses a straight razor . Despite the millions of pounds that goes into product development, multi-blade razors look generic, uninspiring and are generally made of cheap materials.

If you are just getting started, we’d recommend the Double Edge Safety Razors. They have a protective guard which limits the exposure of the blade so you can use straight out of the box. If you prefer the cut throat style, check out our Barber Razors which take disposable blades. If you are looking to go straight to alpha level, take a look at our Straight Razors,  which have a fixed blade.

Single Blade Razors
Left to right - Crappy Disposable Razor, Ottoman DE Safety Razor, The Cutlass Cut Throat Razor, The 1470 Straight Razor (no longer stocked)