In danger we trust

In danger we trust - Barbarossa Brothers

The real test of men.

Men have always been judged by their ability to cope with danger.


Because it tests your mettle, shows your courage, and proves your competence.

It's why men have always flirted with danger since time began:

The Spartans fought for the honour of fighting in the first line of battle beside the King...

Native American tribes of old chose their leader based on who could keep their cool closest to enemy fire..

And the Vanatau still tie vines to their legs to see who can jump off from the highest ledge.

Danger makes a man.

But in the modern world, danger can be hard to find.

No bison to hunt...

No ships to board...

No enemies to keep us on our toes.

So in the absence of danger, the modern man must make his own.

By pitting himself against another man in the ring...

By testing his mettle against gravity on the face of a cliff...

Or by proving his worth against that cruelest of mistresses, the Sea.

We like 'em all.

But a simple ritual to start courting danger:

Shaving with a cut-throat razor.

Forgiving, it is not.

Skill, it does require.

And blood will it draw from the distracted.

But hey, Bucko, nobody said it's gonna be easy.

If you want easy, play it safe with the rest with Gillette.

But if you want to test your sea legs...

And want a bit more danger to you honest...

You can get your blade and join the crew by clicking the link below:

In Danger We Trust,

The Barbarossa Brothers

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