Loved by all, respected by none?

Loved by all, respected by none? - Barbarossa Brothers

Being feared, and being loved.

Two opposing qualities that, taken to extremes, have dragged many a man to his demise.

Brutal, cruel and cunning in equal measure, Cesare Borgia, subject of Machiavelli's The Prince, and commander of the Papal army in Renaissance Italy, is a clear example of the former.

Despised? Yes.

Feared? Yes.

But respected? Yes.

On the flip side, history is littered with men, tribes and creeds too soft of heart to survive life's brutal competition.

Yet the greatest of men manage to combine these seemingly opposing qualities...

Becoming men who are respected by their peers, feared by their enemies, whilst winning the hearts of their men, and women alike.

Napoleon, who inspired such esprit de corps among his men, is one such example.

Frederick the Great is another.

And of course, Theodore Roosevelt, who immortalized the saying, "Speaks softly, but carry a big stick."

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