The "dad advice" making prince & princesses cry

The "dad advice" making prince & princesses cry - Barbarossa Brothers

Last month, Jordan Peterson was banned on Twitter....

We don’t know why, exactly.

Presumably, for daring to challenge the woke powers that be.

Personally, we don't get what he's ever said that's so offensive.

All he’s guilty of in our books is - as one Quora user puts it - "giving Dad advice and not Mom advice, that Princes/Princesses don't want to hear"....

Maybe, if people spent more time reading his work...

Rather than crying & screaming about it...

They'd appreciate the value in what he's saying.

But as the saying goes...

"Don't try and teach a pig to fly. You can't do it, and it bothers the pig."

So as a send-off for Peterson's Twitter account..

We're gonna share with you one of our favourite of JP's 12 Rules for Life:

Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back.

Our (imperfect) understanding in a nutshell:

Every animal on planet Earth is jostling for position...

And, subconsciously, "sizes you up" - as friend or foe, a love interest or a low-life.

This "sizing up" is done via many subtle clues.

Body language being one.

To use Peterson's now infamous example:

Lobsters defeated by other lobsters don't strut like winners.

They shrink, become timid, and withdraw, which signals to other lobsters that they're lower on the totem pole.

And being lower on the totem pole carries costs.

Like being pushed around by other lobsters.

So given that people are constantly sizing you up...

And given the negative consequences of being seen to be low on the totem-pole...

Why not proactively start by putting your best foot forward?

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