The only time we don't spit in the face of convenience

The only time we don't spit in the face of convenience - Barbarossa Brothers

In general, something we spit in the face of round here is convenience.

Mostly, because anything that is "manly" is inherently inconvenient.

Lifting iron isn't convenient.

Getting beat up in the boxing ring isn't convenient.

And lifting 500kg steel pots while being exposed to the fury & frigid temperatures of the Bering Sea certainly isn't convenient.

In fact, we'd venture to say...

The less "convenient" & comfy your life is...

The more admired and respected you'll be as a man.

Which is why we're in the cut-throat shaving business...

And not in the "Best a Man Can Get" virtue-signaling business.

But, we do admit, there are times when all must be sacrificed in the name of a mission...

In this case, even inconvenience.

Which is why we brought out our T Blade Electric Trimmers.

You'll get 3 combs: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm.

Its narrow design makes it a doozy for beard & head detailing...

And if your heart so desireth, not bad for down under either.

Plus, with its LED display telling you how much juice you've got left until it needs recharging...

It's about as convenient as you're going to get around here.


For the man that reluctantly accepts accepting convenience, as an inconvenience of the oh-so-convenient modern world...

You can get your T Blade trimmers here.

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